Screen25 would not exist without the dedicated hands-on support of an ever-growing team of passionate and friendly volunteers. The main areas we need help in are:

  • Front-of-house: ushering, ticket sales, bar work and setting up / packing down.

  • Projection: setting up and packing away our projection equipment and looking after the technical side of things!

You do not need to have any specific experience for the front-of-house stuff, but you should be willing to muck-in and adapt quickly to different roles. For the projection role you will be expected to have a technical mindset, be good at troubleshooting and quick to learn.

You will be expected to commit to a minimum of 10 hours every month, which is the equivalent of 2 shifts at the cinema. All volunteers are also asked to help with flyer distribution, which is one of the main ways in which people hear about us. This need be no more than around 1-2 hours every 2 months. In addition there is also a chance to represent the cinema at local markets and community events.

All volunteers will be asked to attend an induction session before their first shift, which usually lasts around 1-2 hours.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • You must be 16+ (U18s will not be allowed to work on the bar);

  • You must be available on Wednesday and/or Friday evenings from 18.00 - 22.45 (approx). We also have semi-regular matinee screenings, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays, and the odd special event;

  • We take volunteers from a range of backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, and do not discriminate;

  • We are happy to take applicants from all over London, but it is advantageous if you live locally to South Norwood;

  • Many roles are customer facing, so our front-of-house volunteers are expected to be friendly and welcoming, treating all customers and colleagues with respect;

  • All volunteers are expected to be reliable and punctual, and to take extra care when handling equipment;

  • We expect all front-of-house volunteers to dress smartly in black or grey. You will be given a Screen25 badge to wear on shift.

The Benefits

Of course, we realise that volunteering has to be a two-way thing, and beneficial for both parties. In addition to the lovely feel-good feeling you will get from contributing something positive to our community, we also offer:

  • Unlimited free tickets when you are not on shift, and pending availability.

  • 15% discount on refreshments.

  • An opportunity to get involved behind-the-scenes and attend occasional meetings and social events.

  • Food and travel expenses, where needed.

Interested? Complete the form below and we'll be in touch soon.

We also welcome applications from volunteers with specific skills that they may be able to contribute, e.g. photography, video editing, graphic design and fundraising.

Volunteer application form

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We rely on an army of volunteers to distribute our printed flyers, which is one of the main ways in which people find out about us. This is limited to be around 1-2 hours every two months, and can be tailored according to your preferences, availability and location.
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The information you give us will be held on computer and used for statistical and internal communication purposes. We may provide copies of the information in confidence to individuals or organisations that are helping us to access funding. By submitting this application you consent to all details entered being stored on the Screen25 database.