We are offering London-based filmmakers the chance to showcase their shorts alongside our feature films. One of our goals as a community cinema is to provide a platform for independent film, as well as an opportunity for local people to discover emerging talent on their doorstep.

Qualifying short film submissions will be matched thematically with feature films, helping to spark conversation and create an invigorating cinema-going experience.

We welcome all genres by filmmakers from a range of backgrounds and experience levels. All we ask is that your film meets the following basic requirements:

  • Under 15 minutes long;

  • Completed within the last 3 years;

  • Available in a digital format, e.g. mov or mp4;

  • The filmmaker(s) are based in London, and/or the film is set in the capital.

Films will be considered on a rolling basis. If your film is selected you will be offered a free ticket and invited to come along and introduce your work. We will also offer ‘mates rates’ so you can extend the invitation to your network.

Facebook group

We also have a Facebook group for filmmakers living in, or working out of, south-east London to share knowledge and find collaborators.

Join the Shorts In The South // Network.

Feature films

If you would like to submit a feature film for consideration in our weekly programme, then please drop us an email.

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