Moon - The small film that left a huge footprint

It’s been 10 years since Moon hit screens around the world. The film is rightly regarded as a modern Sci-Fi classic and was universally praised upon its release.

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Over the past decade since Moon has come out, the big-budget science fiction films hitting the big screen have started a new trend and renaissance of the genre. Films with £100 million budget's, such as Gravity, the Martian, Prometheus and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, being a great example of how technological advances in film making, with support from box-office success, is shaping what we see in cinemas today. The Sci-Fi genre has finally taken its giant leap, and the results are breathtaking to say the least.


When you check a top 10 list of best modern Sci-Fi films, among these mega-hits, it's more than likely that you will see the modestly budgeted Moon among the top films. With a budget of just 5 million, it’s interesting to see the film with a budget a fraction of its contemporaries, still be regarded as a cult hit.

The production of the film was extensively noted for its creative casting and interesting ways of saving money to make the film happen. Low budget production examples include the use of stock footage, selling parts of the set to the crew once filming was complete, and having a very short production shoot length of just 41 days.

Director Duncan Jones once stated that his toughest challenge filming Moon was compromising to get the shots he needed. The shooting time was limited and the amount of takes he could get wasn't huge as a result. It’s clear to see that this didn't happen in vain as the lead performance in the film is still talked about as Sam Rockwell’s greatest performance to date, despite being limited by time.

The film’s story is also unlike the other modern contemporaries in a thematic sense. The film uses a hard Sci-Fi setting to really focus on the human element of the story. Its science was praised for its realism and helped hone in on a story that really fleshes out isolation as a concept. Like it’s predecessors such as 2001 and Alien, Duncan Jones uses space as a backdrop to explore much deeper themes related to the human-condition.


With Screen25’s moon themed season, Lift Off! kicking off next month, this is definitely a film you have to catch on the big screen if you haven't before. After re-visiting the film myself after many years, I found myself making new discoveries, much like the lead character Sam, as the film unravels its twists and knots.

Moon is being screened on July 10th with a special introduction by David Dent, local film and media writer and co-ordinator of the West Norwood Free Film Festival.

Our Lift Off! 🚀season begins with a Cinema Rewind screening of Moon on Wednesday 10th July, book now.

Words by Josh Andrews.

Joshua Andrews