What kind of cinemagoer are you?

After months of research, surveys, discussions and deliberations, we’ve decided that since we’re evolving into a twice-weekly cinema, that the way we offer membership and access needs to evolve too.

This is why Screen25 has introduced two new changes, the first being the chance for each cinemagoer to pick up a loyalty card from the box office on their next visit. With this loyalty card you simply need to attend 5 screenings, get a stamp for each time you visit, then get the 6th film free.

The loyalty card is perfect for you if you find you don’t attend quite so often, possibly once a month or less. This way you can keep doing what you’re doing, but with the added benefit of a free screening down the line.

Our other big change is our membership scheme. We have introduced an unlimited membership offer for just £15 a month. Now you can attend as many screenings a month as you like. With the addition of our new Friday screenings this means you can potentially attend up to 8 screenings a month for the price of less than 2 standard tickets!

This scheme is for our more regular audience members who want to see more value for their money and enjoy great cinema on their doorstep for less.

So the real question is: What kind of cinemagoer are you?


Are you a casual, occasional movie lover looking for a cinematic treat once a month? If so then the loyalty card is for you!

OR, are you a more committed film fan who wants to enjoy as many of the delights that we have on offer as possible? That makes you a member! With unlimited access to our screenings, in addition to discounts at our pop-up café/bar, partner restaurants and shops in the area and a free tote bag, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our ‘bring a friend’ offer - just £5 tickets for up to two guests you bring with you!

Not only are both these schemes beneficial to you, but it really helps us out too. Between incentive to return monthly to get your stamp and repeat monthly renewals, either loyalty scheme you choose will be helpful in the long run of providing Screen25 with a stable enough income to continue bringing cinema to South Norwood. Plus the added bonus of contributing to and supporting your community through regular custom helps keep arts & culture in the surrounding area alive!

So go ahead! Save some £££ while helping us keep the doors open, it’s win-win!

Find out more about our new loyalty schemes here.

Catriona Mahmoud