Odyssey Film Club launches with Sicilian Ghost Story.

On Wednesday evening we launched Odyssey Film Club in style. A new strand designed to put a focus on foreign language cinema from all over the globe. First up Italy, and more importantly, it’s famed southern isle of Sicily. The featured film was Sicilian Ghost Story, a beautiful but chilling story based on true events.

We were also very lucky to be joined by Marco Mancassola, the writer of the short story "The White Knight" which the film’s story was adapted from. Marco introduced the film and also joined us for an insightful post film ‘square table’ discussion. Which featured some Sicilian food and drinks supplied by our creative director Katie, who had just come back from a trip to Sicily on the day!

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Sicilian Ghost Story is based on true events, a criminal kidnapping of a young boy named Giuseppe Di Matteo, who was snacthed off of the streets by Mafioso pretending to be policemen. The story is mainly driven from the fictional character, Luna, who is romantically bound to Giuseppe, as he is held against his will in abominable conditions. Luna confronts the loss in a number of ways and shows us the rawest of emotions that come from bereavement in terrible circumstances. Sicilian Ghost Story uses the beautiful landscape of Sicily to create and blend a dream world, that the two protagonists interact in as they seamlessly float in and out of reality. The experience of Sicilian Ghost Story is an extremely visceral journey and it’s deeply poetic direction and use of dialogue is mesmerising.  

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During the post-film discussion Marco gave us a unique insight into the details of the kidnapping, that in turn, changed the face of organised crime in Italy today. We also discussed his inspiration to create Luna and the other fictional characters, as well as the fairy-tale and fantasy elements of the film and short story. He also shared with us his experience of being involved in the film and a gave us a run down of his other work and plans for the future.

It was a truly unforgettable start for Odyssey Film Club on its first stop around the globe - next up Germany with Fatih Akin’s In The Fade!

Words by Josh Andrews.

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Joshua Andrews